What is the Purpose in Life?

Everyone had a point in life when he/she asked: “What is the purpose in life?”.  It would have been a long discussion if we were to talk about whether we need big goals in life or not. Is it necessary to consciously move somewhere or not? Maybe it is better to go with the flow […]


Benefits to Waking Up Early: My Perspective

In my previous journal posts, I talked about positive thinking, time management tips, as well as the factors affecting one’s lifespan. The topic I haven’t yet shared with you is the advantages of early rising.  So, what are the benefits to waking up early? I feel the need to share the way I feel when […]


How to Live Long and Prosper

How to live long and prosper? That is a good question. To respond to the aforementioned question, in this post, I will talk about main 6 factors that, in my opinion, affect one’s life. Usually, when people start questioning life longevity, they mostly focus on the nutrition. Most likely, people start to experiment with their […]


Mental Garbage: How to Stop Living in the Past

Today I will talk about the issues of mental garbage and how to stop living in the past. (As usual, this article is a follow-up to the previous one: Press “Reset”, or How to Start a New Life). Cleaning your house and throwing out all the garbage is only a beginning to the general cleaning of your life. […]